Wild Cooking Class with Mike Richardson

Duration: hours

Foraging is all the rage with restaurant menus being peppered with wild ingredients, but how as a home cook do you incorporate easily identifiable wild foods into your meals quickly and confidently? Mike’s classes will show you.

This season – Seaweed.

In this class you’ll be given an introduction into how to pick and how to prepare the common seaweeds along our coast. You’ll undertake 4 separate preparations that culminate in a restorative and bowl of ‘ramen’ that we’ll share together. Each preparation has a multitude of other uses across the kitchen that we’ll discuss.

1) Kelp – Soup base and soup ingredient

2) Dulse – Seasoning / spice blend

3) Sea lettuce – Ferment / pickle

4) Nori – Crunchy garnish

All* ingredients and equipment are included and at the end of the class you will have your own seaweed ferment and spice blend to take home.

*If you’d like to pick your own for the class, please get in touch.


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