Upcoming classes

July 2022
Jul 14
14 July 2022
Vegan pasta workshop & supper with Simona & Harry from Bottega Caruso

Come and join us for a fun and sociable evening, learning to make the traditional pasta that we make back home in the south of Italy with just durum wheat...

Jul 21
21 July 2022
Introduction to Fermentation and Pickling with Thom Eagle

In this class you’ll learn the craft of fermentation; what it is, how it works, and why it works – and why it sometimes doesn’t work! We’ll look at its...

Jul 26
26 July 2022
Sushi making for beginners with Kate de Syllas

Kate trained at Tokyo Sushi Academy, where the traditions of Edo style sushi are taught with rigour, but while making sushi at home can often seem daunting, it should first...

August 2022
Aug 16
16 August 2022
Gyoza and dumplings with Kate de Syllas

Kate will lead a class that will show you how to prepare a variety of fillings for gyozas and wontons, shape and cook them, prepare dipping sauces and basic dumpling...