Sushi making for beginners with Kate de Syllas March 9th

9 March, 2023 – 6:30 pm
Duration: 2 hours

Kate trained at Tokyo Sushi Academy, where the traditions of Edo style sushi are taught with rigour, but while making sushi at home can often seem daunting, it should first and foremost be fun!

It is often said that rice is the most important element of sushi. In this class we will learn to make sushi rice in a traditional way without the use of a rice cooker as well as learn about the importance of seasoning rice.  We will go on to make a variety of rolled and hand formed sushi.  We will not be dealing with the preparation of fish for sushi in any depth in this class – in fact, although we will have some seafood available for practice, vegans are very welcome.

We will also make time for eating some sushi with a beer or sake, and Kate will answer any of your questions.

The class includes all the ingredients needed and a recipe pack for use at home along with a list of recommended suppliers of top quality sushi ingredients and equipment.


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