Choux pastry class with Emma Tillyer - April 13th

13 April, 2023 – 6:30 pm
Duration: 2 hours
Introduction to pastry 1: Basic pastry and quick breads.
In this beginners series we will be breaking down some of the fundamentals of the pastry kitchen… recipes that are versatile and adaptable and easily replicable at home. I’ll share some professional tips and tricks for consistent foolproof baking plus ideas for further creativity. In each class we will produce a finished product together and extra dough or pastry to take home and practise with.
3. Choux pastry; éclairs and profiteroles
Choux can look very daunting but with a foolproof recipe it’s way easier than it seems. We will be making and filling eclairs and profiteroles and finishing them with a variety of techniques….simple glazes and colourful craquelin. This is a good class to get your creative juices flowing!
£65 a class. Including drink and snack, recipe pack, a complete bake to take home plus extra pastry or dough to use at home. If you wish to take all 4 of Emma’s spring classes we are offering a 15% discount – please add all the classes to your basket and use code PASTRY15 to add your discount.


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